Agreed Reports Of Board To Parents

Agreed Report of Board of Management Meeting- 9/12/19

  • New board formed and roles allocated, namely: community nominees, appointment of secretary (principal), treasurer, Designated Liaison Person in respect of Child Protection disclosures, and chairperson vested with authority to absent staff member in accordance with Appendix 3: Protocol authorising immediate action of Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools 2017
  • School operating within budget on Year to Date basis.
  • Principal’s report outline Emergency Works Scheme application to be made regarding minor leak in roof of junior building.
  • Enrolment Committee, which was established to explore enrolment trends and the school’s position within the community re-appointed to continue work began in October.
  • External researcher made detailed presentation regarding enrolment and related issues. Parents of children enrolled to be surveyed over the coming weeks. Enrolment Committee hope to be in a position to submit report to board of management by February.