Parents Association

The Parents Association

The Parents’ Association is organised by a group of enthusiastic, committed parents who make a valuable contribution to the life of the school.  It organises a range of activities for parents and children, including Swimming Lessons, Christmas & Easter Raffles, School Disco, Fundraising and Social Events, our annual Sports Day and talks on topics of interest to parents.

The association is affiliated to the National Parents Council—Primary Division (NPC-Primary), which is the umbrella organisation for all parents’ associations in the country.  The NPC-Primary gives access to parents/guardians to advice and information on national developments in education.  They also have a voice in the decision making process through consultation with the Department of Education and Skills, the Management bodies and teachers’ representatives.

You are encouraged to become involved in the work of the association by attending their regular meetings or by supporting and helping with various school activities organised by them.  The association can be contacted through the School Office.

Partnership with Parents

The school acknowledges the central role of the family and the natural right of parents as the first and foremost educators of their children.  However each child’s education is greatly enriched when there is mutual co-operation between the home and the school.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss a child’s work and general development with his/her parents whenever the need may arise.  The class teachers and the Principal are available to meet with parents by appointment and are always happy to discuss with them any concerns they may have.

We invite parents to the school each year for parent-teacher meetings and written reports on school progress are sent home at the end of the school year.

Regular communication between home and school takes place in a number of other ways. For general information, notes are sent home with the children or parents receive a text message. Useful information is posted on the notice board near the main entrance.  Parents will receive regular newsletters informing them about some of the activities taking place in school.  The Homework Journal is also a useful way of communicating with your child’s teacher.  Please also note that you can keep up to date with school activities by checking our website.

Informal contact between parents and teachers occurs frequently through a variety of school activities and meetings which are a regular feature of the school calendar.