Third Class Booklist

Dear Parents,

The School will operate a loan/rental scheme for school books for the school year 2017/18.

The following books will be available for rental from the class teacher.

English,  Maths,  S.E.S.E.,  Music,  Gaeilge

Please note that these books must be looked after and returned to the class teacher at the end of June 2018.  Any book that is torn or mislaid will have to be replaced by parents.

Money to be Paid to the Class Teacher

Rental Pack €18.00
Photocopying €5.00
Gymnastics €10.00
Art & Craft €20.00
Copies & Covers €7.00
Total €60.00

Books to be Purchased by Parents

English/Maths:                      Revised Spelling and Tables (Folens)

                                           My Engliah Portfolio 3rd Class (

                                           Collins (Gem) English Dictionary

S.E.S.E.                                New Primary Atlas (Folens)

Handwriting:                         Just Write 3a (Educational Company)

Also:  Ruler, pencil case and pencils, rubber, red biros, Colours (pencils, crayons or twistables) 1 D tin whistle, 1 large pritt stick

If you feel your child is eligible for assistance under the Aid for the School Book Scheme (See yellow form), the grant allowed is €25.00.  Parents please return the appropriate money to the class teacher in the envelope provided.

Please also enclose the completed form attached if eligible.

If you wish to buy all new books for your child, a full book list is available from the class teacher.