3rd & 4th Classes

Road Safety

 8th September 2015

Yesterday Eileen from the RSA came to to talk to us about being safe on the road. She taught us a lot of things and asked us a lot of questions. She was very kind. She told us to always walk on the right side of the road. She told us to wear our seatbelt all the time. She said that we should sit in a booster seat until we are 150 cm tall. She told us how to be safe on our bikes, like wearing a helmet and making sure our feet can touch the ground. She taught us a lot of things that could change our lives. She was very very nice. She gave us a cool keyring too.  Lily, Third Class

Narrative Writing - Fourth Class

Narrative writing is a form of writing we do in class. We use our imagination to think of a story, which includes the title, the orientation, the application and the resolution. in orientation we introduce out characters, in the application we write about the problem and in the resolution we solve the problem.

We first write our narrative in our copies. Then the teacher corrects it and then we type it out, print it and decorate it.

Rhea and Choitee

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A Busy Third Class

The last few weeks have been busy in Third Class. As well as our usual class work, we have celebrated World Book Day with a visit to the library, visited Lee Strand, welcomed John from Tralee Fire Brigade and enjoyed an introduction to Camogie with Colm our GAA coach.

World Book Day

We always look forward to World Book Day as it usually means some interesting activities during the week. Some senior classes visited the Junior Classes to read with them, some classes organised various poster competitions, while our Third Class girls paid a visit to the local library where they browsed and read some of their favourite books. The library staff gave the girls a very warm welcome and everybody received a small gift before the returned to school. 

World Book Day is a really exciting day for people who like books (which I do). The reason it’s exciting is because you get to keep one free book but you can only take a book from the shelf that says World Book Day. You get a token for a book in the school. I always get my free book in O Mahony’s. Last year I got “Ask Eve” by Judi Curtin. I love Worl Book Day. I am a member . I have my own library card. EllenToday is Wednesday. To celebrate we went to the Tralee Public Library. I am a member there. I found two Jacqueline Wilson books called “The Cat Mummy” and “Summer Holidays.” My favourite book is “Queenie.” Afterwards a librarian gave us a pencil and a ruler each. EveToday me and my class went to the library. Ms. Hickson and Mr. Dineen brought us there. We got to read some books. I like to read scary books. I was partners with Olivia. I read a book about the Earth. We also got a pencil and a ruler. Mr. Dineen took a picture of us outside the library. Ms. Hickson brought some books back to the class. We went to the library to celebrate World Book Day. Clodagh

A Visit to Lee Strand

We paid a visit to Lee Strand in Ballymullen where we learned lots about how our milk is produced and packaged for sale. We also met Migthy Mike. We are busy collecting Mighty Mike Tokens in school and hope to be lucky winners of a cash prize soon.

Today my class went to Lee Strand. We had to wear a plastic bag and a hairnet. I felt like a lunch lady. We got to see how they made the milk. We met Mighty Mike. I had a hug, I shook his hand and he patted my head. Mike is five this year. The factory was huge. They gave us Goodie Bags. I had a great day. CaoimheToday me and my class went to the Lee Strand Factory on a bus. A girl called Teresa showed us around. First we went upstairs and she told us about the milk and how the machines work. After we went down stairs and Teresa showed us the machines. It was really good and we had to wear a net on our heads and a plastic bag on our bodies. When we went out we went back upstairs and she gave us a cup of milk and sweets. We also met Mighty Mike. Teresa told us he was five. At the end we got a big bag. Inside it there was a highlighter pen, a mug, a carton of milk, a poster and a colouring book. We had lots of fun. SaoirseToday I went to Lee Strand with my class on a bus. When we got there we went upstairs to a room. A girl called Teresa was showing us nearly everything in Lee Strand. In the room that we went into Teresa was talking for a while and then Mighty Mike came in to the room and gave us his hand to shake. Then Teresa showed us the drawings on the cartons and then picked a drawing that a girl called Roisín had done. Then we went to see how to make the cartons and then we went back and got some milk and chocolate bars and a bag of things. We had lots of fun. Roksana

A Visit from the Fireman

We had a visit from John who is a Fire Officer. He spoke to the class about his work as a Fireman. He also spoke to us about fire safety and what to do if a fire breaks out at home or at school. He also showed us his very nice truck with its flashing lights.

At 9:30 in the morning a visitor came. He was a fire officer. His name was John. He gave us alot of safety advice. He gave everyone a pack. It was all about different characters and what they were like. There were lots of activities. There were game cards, a colouring sheet and stickers. After, Ms. Hickson allowed us to go and see the truck. The truck he brought was the smallest truck. Then Mr. Sayers took some pictures. Semmin On Thursday morning a fire officer named John came to speak to us about fire and safety. We got this pack with cards inside. He went through some of them – here are some of the names; Arc, Bep and Plan Man. Some of them are good people and other bad. As he went through each card he asked us questions. He demonstrated how an old chip pan went on fire (don’t worry there wasn’t any fire!). He showed us how to use a fire blanket. At the end we went outside to look at the van he brought (it wasn’t a fire engine). On the outside it was clean but on the inside it was a bit untidy! I loved the time he spent with us. When he left I felt a little sad. That’s the end of my story. I hope you liked it. Lana


The girls from Third Class have enjoyed their introduction to camogie with GAA coach Colm Harty over the past four weeks. Colm provided the helmets and hurleys and was really impressed with the skill and enthusiasm displayed by the girls. For the next four weeks he will take the Fourth Class girls for coaching. We that many of the girls will take up camogie with Parnells GAA Club in Tralee and continue to learn new skills and meet new friends. Details are on our school noticeboards.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

All the girls in Third Class wish you all a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day