5th & 6th Classes


Fifth Class visit the Wetlands.

When we got to the Wetlands we first went into the dining room next to the reception. There was a big circular couch where we sat down and waited for David, our tour guide, and his assistant, Rosemary. He talked to us about how we can stop polluting the Earth , like we should stop cutting rainforests and it’s better to travel by ferry instead of by plane if you are going across the sea.

Next we watched a video about Tralee’s wildlife and wildlife in other places. David passed around a ram’s skull, a bird’s nest, a hermit crab’s shell and alot more. When we were finished we gathered our bags and went and had lunch.

After lunch we went back inside to go to the pond next to the tower. We got little nets so we could see if we could catch water animals: my favourite was the water scorpion but luckily it didn’t pinch! We were even able to go into the pond up to our knees because we had a spare change of clothes. After we finished we walked over to where David had put a few mammal traps. He caught three voles: they were reddish, brownish in colour and had a tiny tail. He passed them around in a plastic bag. One escaped so we let the other free.

We only had a little time left so we went up to the tower. We saw windmills and the whole of the wetlands.   When it was time to go we got on the bus and went back to school. We all had a lovely day and were sad it was over but happy that we went. By Cara from Fifth Class.

Junior Entrepreneur Programme Showcase Day

On 12th May our class was given the opportunity to sell our JEP idea, Fridge Magnets, in the Malton Hotel, Killarney. When we arrived at the Malton we set up our stall in a room that was reserved for the showcase. We were surprised when Michael Flatley appeared on stage and gave a speech. Afterwards we started selling our products. We also checked out other stalls and bought things. Brendan Fuller, from Radio Kerry introduced different presentations from different schools, including ours. Each school was called to take a class photo as well. By 12:15pm it was time to have lunch. We were each given a small bag which contained a wrap, popcorn, a bar, an apple and water. Later on we had a disco. There was a DJ and we all danced. Then there was a dance off between the teachers. It was a blast! Last of all a photographer took a photo of all the school together. We had a lot of fun and it was definitely a good experience. Best of all, we got no homework! By Choitee and Rhea from Fifth Class.