Castle Street Upper, Tralee, Co. Kerry

4th class spent an active day on the tombolo (back beach) in Fenit last week. A tombolo is a bar of sand connecting the mainland to an island. The boys and girls spent their time laying signs to encourage people to stay off the marram grass. Repeated walking on the grass kills it and leads to erosion of the tombolo.

Last year, the class were visited by David Williams, who is part of the local conservation team. David explained that they are working to re-plant the lost marram grass, as the grass holds the tombolo together and the tombolo protects the waters behind it. These protected waters are where migratory birds, such as the Brent goose, over-winter and feed on the eel grass that grows in the shallow water. The destruction of the tombolo would de-stabilize the eco-system in Fenit.

The children had great fun laying their signs, as well as gathering some seaweed to use as compost for their school garden, where they grow organic produce and turn it into healthy smoothies, crisps, salads, and soups.

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